Global Learning

At St Paul's we pride ourselves in our learning about global issues and empower all of our children to be agents of change and make a difference in the world. Every class spends time over the course of the year learning about different faiths, cultures and issues that affect people around the world and we are excited to share our learning with you here.

We have refreshed our Global Learning displays in classrooms this week, each class has been studying children's lives in other countries and cultures, and comparing them with our own.

Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky dances were studied in Year 3, children then composed their own dances with an 'Ostinato' or repeated pattern.

Year 2 explored African-style music, eventually using instruments to play an African-inspired version of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Year 3 looked in to causes of world hunger and what can be done to help. They wrote letters to important people to tell them how to reduce the amount of food waste we produce.

Year 1 investigated Plan International UK and wrote about what they think all children in the world should have.

Purple Pinkie Day.