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School Council


Welcome to our School Council

At St. Paul’s we decided to reinvigorate our School Council model. Our School Council now comprises of a variety of committees which work on a range of priorities within school and link to our Whole School Golden Threads - Reading, Emotional Well-being and Caring for All Creation. 


During the planning phase we had discussions with staff and pupils about the focus for these committees and who should be involved.  It was agreed that each committee would include 2 children from Year 2 up to Year 6, similar to our original school council model.  There would also be a designated secretary, a linked school governor and a staff member to oversee and support the committee. 


In September, every pupil had the opportunity to self-nominate themselves to become a member of a committee.  They then presented their ideas to their peers about why they wanted to be on that specific committee and each class held an anonymous vote for their two members. 

Our council is organised into six committees: 

Reading and Curriculum, Eco, Sports, Health and Wellbeing, Ethos and We Are Unique
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