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In this section, you can view what your children will be learning in school. We also outline what we intend to achieve through our curriculum, which provides the essence of St. Paul's.


The Long-Term Curriculum Overviews for the Foundation Subjects can be found, running along the side of the page. As Reading is a core thread that runs throughout our curriculum, it has its own Reading page. However more information, with regards to what your child is learning in reading, writing and maths, can be located on your child's class page, where you will also find Knowledge Organisers, that outline the key knowledge to be learnt and also tips on how you can help your child to succeed, at home. If you wish to find out more about any aspect of the curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher, or the Headteacher.

St. Paul's Curriculum Statement of Intent

This declaration and our Mission Statement as a whole, is central to all aspects of school life and is the source of inspiration for our school curriculum. The school’s Christian vision is that We belong, We Learn, We Believe, We Achieve.

By developing our children spiritually, morally, socially and culturally, we believe our children are better equipped to face the diverse and ever-changing world that we live in, ready to thrive and contribute positively to life in our local community, modern Britain and


We offer all children the opportunity to fulfil their potential in a learning environment that is enjoyable, supportive and stimulating – an environment in which our children can learn through a richness of learning experiences that are thoughtfully shaped to be inclusive of different learning styles, abilities and needs. By celebrating our uniqueness and Christian distinctiveness, our children are able to develop their knowledge and skills in a wide range of subjects and topics hence developing all aspects of their being.

We strive to equip our children with knowledge and skills to make them independent and resilient learners: learners who are inquisitive and ambitious, who are adaptable in their approaches and who can express themselves creatively. We aim to develop knowledge and understanding through an enriched, carefully sequenced and ambitious curriculum, as we feel this is the best approach for our children to explore their creativity, build more knowledge, and grow, with success, towards the fullness of human living. We recognise the importance of securing the basic skills, especially speaking and listening, reading, writing and number to ensure Secondary School readiness for our children. 

Our whole school curriculum is driven by our Golden Threads: Reading, Emotional Well-Being and Caring for All Creation.

Reading is the golden thread through our curriculum. Our curriculum prioritises this aspect of learning above all else because we know that only through reading can children access the wider curriculum successfully. We offer a systematic, synthetic phonics programme (Essential Letters and Sounds) of teaching, alongside the development of comprehension skills and the deliberate sharing of the highest quality literature - all with the specific aim of developing a real love of reading. Regular reading opportunities are purposefully planned into a wide range of subjects. Our school places such a high priority on the quality of its reading provision, as we recognise that only through the development of a deep and broad knowledge base will pupils over time become able to comprehend fully what they read. Our curriculum design aims to create a virtuous cycle of improvement, as gains to reading comprehension makes access to other subjects ever greater.

We also recognise the impact that the Covid-19 lockdowns had upon our children and the vital role we play in supporting children’s mental health. Emotion well-being is a core thread that runs through all that we do, here at St. Paul’s, and we are currently working towards our Emotionally Friendly Schools Accreditation. Our curriculum offer teaches our children the skills they need to recognise and deal with their emotions, and in helping those with difficulties to get the support they need. The strong relationships between staff, families and our pupils enable early intervention to give our children the best start in life.

Underpinning all of what we do and all that we are, is our Christian Distinctiveness - we Care for All Creation. We live and breathe this through our learning, teaching, relationships and our outlook on life. We build upon this and demonstrate it through our relationship with our church, community, self and others. It is reflected through the warm, welcoming and family culture that is clear upon entering our school building. We are also blessed with extensive school grounds, where our children engage in forest schools, outdoor learning and exploration, growing and harvesting foods, sporting events and reflecting in our prayer garden.

At St. Paul’s, the quality of the journey our children take, when acquiring knowledge and skills, determine the quality of outcomes which are achieved. We aim, through high quality teaching, a love for learning and a carefully structured curriculum, to provide a rich range of learning experiences that allow long life skills and knowledge to flourish and live long in memory.

To see the Mark Scheme used, in school, to mark your children's work, click here


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