Year 2

Here you will find the latest information, useful information and any other important news regarding Year 2.On the right hand side, you will also find downloadable copies of all the class newsletters; these outline the work your children will be doing in each specific half term.

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Spring 1 Recommended Reading List for Year 2

Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs by Giles Andreae and Russell Ayto

Flinn is at school looking in the art cupboard for some coloured pens to finish off his dinosaur drawing when he stumbles upon Captain Stubble, a real live Pirate Captain! He tells Flinn that his ship, the Acorn, has been stolen and that he needs Flinn to help him rescue it back. Stubble makes Flinn the captain and they sail away on an old pirate ship...they finally find the Acorn but, to their horror, realise it's been stolen by PIRATE DINOSAURS!

Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures: Step Into a Prehistoric World by Emily Hawkins

From the team behind the best-selling Atlas of Adventures comes this prehistoric journey of discovery. Travel back in time to lock horns with a triceratops, stalk prey with a T-Rex, and learn to fly with a baby Pteranodon. With hundreds of things to spot and facts to learn, this is the biggest Atlas adventure yet!

The Wondrous Dinosaurium
 by John Condon and Steve Brown

Danny wants a new pet but he doesn t want a cat or a dog or even a parrot: he wants a dinosaur! But it turns out dinosaurs aren t the easiest pet to keep... The Wondrous Dinosaurium is a quirky, exciting story by author John Condon and illustrator Steve Brown. Join Danny as he searches for the perfect pet while facing the pains of being a pet owner on a dinosaur scale. The Wondrous Dinosaurium has been shortlisted for The Children's Book Award 2019.

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