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Our Class Newsletters

Year 3

Here you will find useful information and any important news regarding Year 3.


On the left-hand side, you will find downloadable copies of the class newsletters; these outline the topics and knowledge that your children will be exploring and learning in each half-term.

On the right-hand side, you will find the English and Mathematics' Long-Term Plans, and also the Knowledge Organisers for the Foundation Subjects. These documents set out the key knowledge and specific vocabulary that your children will be learning in each of the subjects, each term. These correlate with the Long-Term Plans, that can be found under the 'Curriculum' page. These documents provide a full overview of how the new learning fits into our whole school curriculum, building upon prior knowledge and also supporting future learning.

We recognise reading as the key to unlocking learning and future success and so you will find, below, the recommended reads, for your children, throughout this year.

Click here for 50 Recommended Reads for Year 3


Blurbs from the Recommended Reading List for Year 3

Tell Me About Plants

Did you know that plants make their food from sunshine? But that some plants eat bugs? And some plants have been around since before the time of the dinosaurs? Plants are pretty amazing, and we'd like to tell you why...

So sit back, and let expert scientist and CBeebies writer Emily Dodd tell you all about plants. With bite-sized text, facts to make you say 'WOW', and easy-to-understand explanations, big science topics are now just the right size for readers.


Flowers: Explore Nature with Fun Facts and Activities - DK

A first nature book about flowers for children, this is the perfect companion for kids eager to learn about the world of flowering plants.

Flowers don't just grow in the garden, they can also be found on mountain-tops, by the seashore, and even underwater!

In Nature Explorers: Flowers, children are encouraged to investigate and record all the wildflowers they find and get hands-on with fun activities, from pressing petals to planting a mini desert filled with cacti.

Seed to Plant - National Geographic Kids

Children encounter plants, flowers and trees around them every day. In this National Geographic Kids Level 2 Reader, children will follow the magical journey from seed pollination to plant growth, learning fun facts about what plants need in order to thrive and grow. Beautiful photos and carefully levelled text make this book perfect for reading aloud as children become more fluent in their reading.



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Knowledge Organisers

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